Financial domination – Professional notes


During my daily Web search for interesting news I happened on this interesting post about financial domination, written by a particularly smart prodomme. ‘Financial domination’ means – in case you’re wondering – those erotic games where the dominant partner takes advantage of the submissive even economically, making him feel an even more encompassing sense of vulnerability and, in theory, masochistic arousal.
Of course every money-related paraphilia (harpaxofilia, hybristophilia, peniaphilia, etc.) is just a curious quirk until it is simulated or acted upon by responsible persons: unfortunately this sort of “games” usually attracts very unpleasant people, for which reason I don’t like even talking about it. As a rule of thumb, it is safe to assume that they are only practiced by sociopaths, persons of unsound mind and thieves, giving them no more thought. That blog analysis, however, is worth reading because it doesn’t come from a good-for-nothing girl looking for easy money, but from a professional with a large personal experience with such clients – she does work in Manhattan’s financial district, after all.

If you are short on time, here are her most interesting observations:

– All financial domination enthusiasts are, generally speaking, people fetishizing money in its every form – in fact they chose financial jobs to enjoy the excitement of handling large sums every day
– To them, entrusting their riches to a dominatrix is a way to relieve their stress. Stress from having literally too much money to know how to use it, from the responsibility of their professional transactions, and from the competition with their colleagues
– None of them appears to be aware of the social damage caused by extreme capitalism and their own role in it

I am more inclined to believe in these impressions than the baroque philosophies put forward by interested parties in countless online debates about financial domination. If you wish to offer yours, comments are open as usual.