Free ebook: No shades of grey


The Fifty shades of Grey trilogy came out less than one year ago, yet the estimates show it has already passed the 100 million readers goal. Thanks to the pornographic adventures of Anastasia and Christian Grey, all sort of people discovered the wonderful world of erotic domination. More or less.
In fact, Mrs. James’ books are simple romance novels enriched by vague BDSM imagery: fiction no more realistic than any The young and the restless episode, without any pretense to really describe how certain pastimes work. Of course most readers understood this, yet many other naïve persons thought that “to do what those in the book do” was the ideal way to spice up their lives, and carelessly threw themselves into emulating them. We often see the results in the news: a shocking increase of – usually embarrassing, sometimes lethal – accidents caused by improvised sadomasochistic play.

Even if it is practiced by one person in ten, BDSM is an art that requires awareness, the right attitude and a little bit of study to give its best while remaining safe. This is the very reason for which, a few years ago, I wrote a complete guide to extreme eroticism and to all of its secrets… but it turned out over 700 pages long, and understandably not everyone is willing to read them before jumping into action.
So this is why I’ve also written No shades of grey – What BDSM really is, in black on white. It is a new free ebook condensing in just 15 pages the fundamental information about a phenomenon so big it cannot be ignored. You can read it online or download it already formatted for every kind of e-reader. This time it is available in English too, and if you like exploring unusual sexualities I promise you’ll enjoy it.