Sex, politics and context – My interview with Lee Harrington for Passion and Soul

Lee Harrington

You just can’t say enough good things about Lee Harrington, author, kink educator, activist and artist extraordinnaire. Among his many accomplishments, the Passion and Soul podcast is a great show featuring guests that cover pretty much the whole spectrum of alternative sexuality.

Lee kindly invited me to be on the latest episode, and despite the sheer terror of having to speak at lenght in a foreign language, I really enjoyed the experience. Although the conversation predictably began talking about my book BDSM – A Guide for Explorers of Extreme Eroticism, we quickly moved on to more unusual subjects such as the politics of kink, how local cultures shape the perception of alternative sexualities and more.
If you think you can stand my odd accent and the occasional grasping for the right word, you can hear the whole thing on its official page, where you will also find all the show notes and links, or right below.