The discrimination of iPhone teledildonics


Remember the upcoming “sex toy 3.0” from Spain? That was apparently just the vanguard of the teledildonics invasion, for on the other side of the Atlantic two industrial designers came up with a similar and even more advanced concept. Their LovePalz “interactive remote sexual stimulation accessories” are two shiny wireless thingies (in male and female variants) to be used with your iPhone instead of a full Internet-connected computer, and their phone-inspired motion sensors promise to detect and reproduce natural body movements – or at the least those of the more interesting parts.

The only problem is that their production was to be founded through a Kickstarter campaign, but in an unexpected (and unexplained) move the popular crowdfounding site decided to deny any support to the project. So how could two guys used to build their sex toys by themselves react? That’s obvious: by creating their own founding campaign website.
Visiting it you can preorder – for one month still – your custom teledildos at a reduced price, and if enough money will be raised at the end of this period ‘Zeus’ and ‘Hera’ will be actually produced.

RealTouch Interactive unit

RealTouch Interactive

Less than 24 hours after I posted this story, yet another teledildonic product was launched. It is called RealTouch Interactive, and its unique selling point is to work with a webcam girls network to allow users to interact with the model. As you can see it looks like a much simpler device than its competitors and a pretty dangerous contraption to put your privates into – who could have imagined that “future sex” would end up looking like a BDSM jelqizer?