Beware the daikon molester


When I wrote XXX – The dictionary of unusual sex I spent months tracking down and studying paraphilias so weird to border with urban legend territory, or madness. After cataloguing over 1,500 of them I reached a point in which I blindly accepted even the existence of things liketripsolagnia – that is, shampoo fetish – but there is one practice I really never understood.
I’m talking about those who have sex with plants or, technically speaking, dendrophiliacs. They are people who don’t stop at using a zucchini as a dildo, but go wild with trees, bushes and – in the most baffling cases – cactuses.

Then today I found the below video. Apparently there is a sexual hacker who thought of using the most advanced computer technology to “give a voice” to a bunch of daikons, making them moan of pleasure when they get molested. It’s perfectly logical, if you live in Japan.