James Franco announces his Kink



Actor and all-round hottie James Franco shocked Hollywood with his latest work as a producer: a documentary titled Kink, dealing with the unlikely and fascinating story of Peter Acworth’s Kink.com – the largest BDSM and fetish movie studio ever.

While not exactly a household name, Acworth is among the most influential persons in the world of adult entertainment, up there with Playboy’s Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt. A former mathematician and finance PhD, he founded the company out of his dissatisfaction with the abysmal quality of most domination porn he pursued as a customer. His first endeavor in 1997 was the extreme bondage website Hogtied, for which he envisioned a new approach based on authenticity, intensity, technique and story – concepts that were entirely missing from the “let’s just shoot whatever these desperate amateurs do and cash on the deviants’ gullibility” production style which was prominent until then.

Professionalism and respect for both his customers and his models were quickly recognized and fueled a growing empire now counting 32 different websites and a BDSM gear online shop. A business so big to require large enough studios – which were found in 2007 in the Armory of San Francisco, the modern reproduction of a Moorish castle listed in the National Register of Historic Places that stood abandoned and risking demolition.

Kink’s business style couldn’t be more different from what people expect from a “weird porn” production, including charity work and tours of the Armory. Even in a city as liberal as San Francisco this is not enough to protect it from the protests of censors and moralists, and their continuing battles caught the attention of Franco and director Christina Voros, who are going to premiere the documentary at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival.