Welcome to the post-post-post-postmodern world, where online wars are waged against Nazi furverts

Nazi furry

How was your Easter weekend? Mine was spent swimming in surrealism, as I tried to unravel the Nazi furries scandal that erupted after a convention for people wearing full-body animal costumes (for ostensibly sex-related purposes) was canceled due to death threats, “sovereign citizens” influence and the recurring involvement of a previous child abuse offender.
Yes, you read it right. What sounds like the output of those spambots who keep trying to sell you fake erection dysfunction pills is in fact a real thing, and proof that the world has definitely entered its post-Transmetropolitan phase.

The extra-odd thing is that, after hours of investigation, I found out that somebody else had already done an admirable job at summarizing the whole mess. Therefore, I invite you to read Kelly Weill’s report – and maybe Amelia Tait’s article too, specifically dealing with the intricacies of the Nazi furry subculture.

Me? I stand by what I wrote in this older article about furries and their cultural meaning, which seems ever more relevant in the light of recent events.

By the way, the bonus Hero of the Day prize goes to Mrs. Cheryl Wassus, who in the meantime cluelessly attended another furry convention mistaking it for a pet owners’ event.