China’s erotic hospital


China is changing so rapidly that many unusual stories from that country are to be taken with a pinch of salt, as the “anything goes” attitude coming with its fast social evolution tends to mix fantasy and reality – sometimes with disastrous results. The following piece of news however seems to be legitimate, and a pretty interesting peek into a whole different way to live sexuality.

The Songziniao hospital in the city of Wuhan recently opened an unique ‘sex ward’looking more like a love hotel than a medical department, with round bed, erotic art, sexy costumes, a sex toys collection and a porn and sexology library available to married couples. The price to rent a room for one night is about $140, or one-fifth of the average local monthly salary – but it may be worth it when you consider the general overcrowding of normal homes, allowing no privacy to anyone.
It isn’t just a mood thing either: according to director Wang Shengdong, who also put a fertility expert on call for his clients, overworked and future-anxious citizens need every help to conceive children, especially since sex education is often nonexistent. Anotherrecent story, in example, was about a bewildered sexologist from Huazhong who treated a doctoral couple who thought the woman was to be impregnated through her belly button… As I said: only in China…