Where to go in 2013


 ‘Semper parati’ says the Scouts motto: ‘always prepared’. And while I pretty much loathe that pedo-friendly, discriminating, hypocrite organization, I must admit I am completely in favor of planning your entertainment early for maximum enjoyment. So here is what the special events of this year’s kinky calendar looks like so far – not counting all the regular parties listed on this other site.

19 Jan 2013 AVN Awards, Las Vegas, USA The Oscars of pornography
2-3 Mar 2013 Eroticon: sex blogger conference, London, UK Meet the hottest authors around
3 Mar 2013 America’s Sexuality Day, USA Fight censorship the most enjoyable way
Mar 2013 Naked Bike Day, Southern hemisphere The nudist protest against engine pollution
4-6 Apr 2013 Feminist Porn Awards, Toronto, Canada See the best female-friendly pornography in the world
May 2013 World Naked Gardening Day, Worldwide Who said it had to be sensible?
24-26 May 2013 BoundCon X, Munich, Germany The biggest bondage event in the world…
24-27 May 2013 Shibaricon, Chicago, USA …and its envious American cousin
May 2013 Berlin Fetish Weekend, Berlin, Germany About the coolest multi-event about fetish you can think of
Jun 2013 Polyday, London, UK An unique event about polyamory
11-15 Jul 2013 Tease, Port Burwell, Canada BDSM camping
12-14 Jul 2013 Sparkle, London, UK The original transgender celebration event
Jul 2013 Naked Bike Day, Northern hemisphere See above
18 – 21 Aug 2013 BiCon, Edinburgh, UK International bisexuality convention
8 Aug 2013 One World Orgasm, Worldwide International orgasm day
29 Aug – 2 Sep 2013 Fetish Weekend, Montreal, Canada The largest fetish event in Canada
Sep 2013 Arse Elektronika, San Francisco, USA Geeky, intellectual and very stimulating convention about the future of sex
11 Oct 2013 Coming Out day, Worldwide You mean you are…?
21 Oct 2013 International Fisting day, Worldwide Raise your hand if you want to party!