Original sins

Copertina di 'Peccati originali' di Ayzad (II edizione)2014 – 350 pages – €3.99

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In Italy over 4,000,000 people practice extreme erotic games. One of them died in circumstances too embarrasing to be disclosed. Her daughter must learn why. And her only chance is to trust an expert.


As an expert of unusual sexualities I frequently hear rather strange questions, but a few of them come up more often than others. What are BDSM people like, with all their erotic domination games? What kind of lives do they lead? What are the most bizarre stories about them? What happens behind the curtains? These are all understandable curiosities, really: in fact I had the very same ones many years ago, when I first approached that world. Ethics and respect for the privacy of those who I have met since usually prevented me from giving complete answers, though. As a matter of fact, even if in most cases there is nothing (too) weird to report, it is equally true that the kink scene is also populated by pretty unusual – and sometimes quite famous – characters, with pretty interesting stories to them. And the truth is I really wanted to tell them. This is how Original sins was born: to reveal at least a part of those stories. Not directly, of course. As they say at the movies «any references to real facts, persons and places is purely coincidental» – especially because when I had to choose the kind of book to write, I thought that a noir novel would have made a much more pleasant reading than an arid diary, even if I had to take a few narrative licenses. As the back cover say, the result was

‘…a journey among fascinating characters and uncommon places, in which you will discover it is never wise to trust stereotypes, nor the first impressions about people. As the truth is revealed, initial certainties are replaced by a new awareness not only of the events, but of the world itself… leading to a finale that will surprise even noir conoisseurs.’

And the truth is that, except the made up parts, it is really all true.

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