An inexplicable year

standing out

As you probably noticed from the previous post, this week marks the 52nd instalment of the weekly Inexplicable moments in the history of sexuality feature on That amounts to one full year of unusual sex, told through 612 news, 138 pages, 154 Unusual sexology fun facts on the homepage, 512 books and over 800 handpicked websites linked in the Resources section.
And the most inexplicable part it all? No more than ten of the above were even mentioned by the mainstream media. In other words, unless you read it here or on some other kinky website, a whole world of uncommon sexuality would have slipped by you, unaware of the sometimes crazy yet always amazing creativity of real sex. Honestly, I am saddened by how the majority of people remains ignorant of a less standardized, sanitized and ultimately boring concept of the greatest pastime in the world.

I often repeat that you don’t really have to subscribe to any kink: straight sex is wonderful, after all. But learning about other lifestyles and challenging your preconceptions does wonders to  open your mind and to develop a smarter, critical thinking – about eroticism and everything else. The best I can do is to keep reporting from the world of unusual sex. Thank you for following me so far, and get ready for another surprising year!