Festive spirit


As a differently young European, the Halloween concept is quite alien to me. I was taught that these days were supposed to be about saints or dead relatives, but I am not into catholic superstitions nor the cult of decayed matter, so I always had a hard time getting into their unsettling festive spirit. Ditto for the new, improved American-style trick-or-treating: quite a number of the people I know tend to have fun and dress in – ahem – original ways everyday anyway, so I sort of miss what’s so special about this night.
Most of all, I wont’ be entirely convinced that Halloween is not just a very elaborate joke on sexually repressed people until someone explains the following “sexy” costumes to me:

“Sexy snowy owl”


“Sexy gnome”

Halloween sexy gnome costume

“Sexy Nemo”

Halloween sexy nemo costume

“Sexy hamburger”

Halloween sexy hamburger costume

“Sexy Brian, the dog from Family guy”

Halloween sexy Brian the dog costume

“Sexy muppet”

Halloween sexy muppet costume

“Sexy Crayola”

Halloween sexy crayola costume

“Sexy Chinese takeaway”

Halloween sexy chinese takeaway costume

Pictures collected from Holidash and The Society pages