This Halloween would you let your daughter out dressed up like this?

Schoolgirl child Halloween costume

Halloween is approaching, along with its sad tradition of dressing up as whatever just because. I thought I had written enough about the disturbing trend of improbable “sexy” costumes, but I stumbled onto something too bizarre to pass over. Please behold on the left ‘School Girl Top & Skirt Child Costume’, currently being sold on Amazon for a paltry $17.
Let me repeat: this is a child-sized dress-up set to look like… a child without a costume, in her daily school outfit – if she goes to a uniform-mandatory institute. This sort of defeats the purpose of masquerading, unless she doesn’t go to such a school, in which case her parents are clearly allowing (or worse: deciding) to let her impersonate a Halloween-style schoolgirl. Unfortunately, this is what comes up when you search the Web to learn what Halloween schoolgirls are about.

In other words, what we are witnessing here is a culture so disconnected from sane sexuality that not only it leverages a formerly children’s spooky festivity as an alibi to let its most deranged psychosexual nightmares free for one night – but it is now even forcing them on kids. The very same kids it paranoidly shelters from imaginary dangers (again: most child abuses are perpetrated by parents and relatives, priests and sport coaches, not by “strangers in trenchcoats”) throughout the rest of the year.
Of course I am all for raunchy roleplay between consenting adults. I’d much rather prefer it to be a little classier than interpreting a sexy slice of pizza, but this is a matter of personal tastes. What I find downright monstruous is the very existence of an actual industry facilitating the sexualization of children through this sort of products, especially within the hypocrisy of a society which represses, ridicule or criminalize even legitimate sexual fantasies for 364 days a year, only to unleash irresponsible lust in one booze-filled, no holds barred night.

Am I getting too old and closed-minded? I thought hard about this, but the only conclusion I reached is that if I was a parent I would be scared to let my child go trick-or-treating in a world where the cultural void about sex has got so vast as to drift into plain sickness. In fact, a sensible sex education is possible, and it would do a lot of good for everyone. After all, even I have contributed by literally writing the book about how to out even your most extreme erotic fantasies in a safe and ethical way.
Seriously, it doesn’t take much to really enjoy unusual sex, both on Halloween night and at every other time. Just not repressing your fantasies into a time bomb would be a great start. And please, don’t dress up as ‘twerking teddy’ either: everybody will be grateful to you.