Let’s talk about religion. And lube.

Rabbi reading 50 shades of Grey

Last week was historical for orthodox Jews worldwide – and for Trigg Laboratories, whose products finallyreceived a certification of kashrut by theRCC, the Rabbinical council of California, after two full years of strict review. This is great business news, as the manufacturers of kosher products gain access to the market of observant Jewish consumers – who according to their religion are prohibited to ingest non-kosher stuff.
Now Trigg Labs products (well, 95% of them, actually) packages will be allowed to carry the official ‘K’ imprint and, among other advantages, will be introduced in Israel to join the 62 countries where they are already sold. And if you are wondering why I am writing about this on ayzad.com… get this: we are talking about sexual lubricants.

The products in question are in fact eight lines of sex lubes called Wet – and this raises a rather interesting set of questions. In fact, the guidelines for kosher certification clearly state that god-fearing persons can safely apply non-kosher ointments over their body and even lips. The prohibition only applies to intentionally eating stuff: even accidental swallowing is pardoned.
As a matter of fact orthodox sex manuals (yes, of course there is such a thing!) are divided about the religious appropriateness of oral sex, but one thing is sure. As soon as the Council will reach an agreement, deeply spiritual people will finally be able to give head gobbling up heaps of totally unnecessary slippery stuff. In eleven flavors.