The bondage/kinbaku glossary is online!


As they use to say in the movies, I’ve got one good and one bad news for you. The first is that I finally published the results of many months of research and double-checking, in the form of my bondage and kinbaku glossary.
To my knowledge, compared to other similar works available online it is the only one to present all Japanese terms with an uniform Western transilitteration and, most importantly, with correct translations and meanings instead of the somewhat questionable interpretations many other dictionaries give. Add to this its completeness, and you can understand why I am pretty proud of it.

The sad part is that, like my monster BDSM glossary, it is in Italian only. I just don’t have the time to translate it into English, and my continuing search for a bilingual kinkster to take care of this sort of jobs is fruitless so far. In other words, if you or somebody you know would like to help to grow I’d really love to hear from you.