The “hidden” resources of

Book reading pin-up

These are pretty hectic times for me, as you may have guessed from last week’s lack of news. This week too I really couldn’t find the time to write the post I intended to, but I can direct you to a lot of interesting reading material anyway. 
If you mostly read my stuff on social networks or on a mobile device, there is a sizeable possibility you have never noticed several not-so-apparent resources on my website. Let me suggest some, then. 

  • In the Free Ebooks area you can download the previews of my books, of course, but also a couple of surprises. No Shades of Greyfor example, is a very compact primer to BDSM; Chasing Lady Cruel collects a rather awful adult comic from the Seventies instead – but you’ll probably laugh at the surreal story of how I came to track down that specific horror.
  • The Online Resources database lists hundreds of selected kinky websites you can search via a handy interface. Each address was chosen for its originality, usefulness or for its affordable prices. I promise you’ll find something of your liking in there.
  • My Twitter feed can also be read from the homepage. You will find an average of five English-language news items on any given workday – all of them about some sexual oddity
  • The Unusual Sexology box can be found on the homepage of the desktop version of That would be the black background box in the upper right corner: every time you reload the page it will show a new, random and science-based piece of information about… well, unusual sexology research. Clicking on the attribution (the names or book title just below the box) will bring you to the original source.

Is this enough to satiate your hunger for strange sexual knowledge for this week?