Witness the rise of male lingerie

male lingerie

Among the many reasons mentioned by transvetites for their passion, one of the most frequent is the wish to enjoy the delicate feelings of feminine beauty products and garments on their skin, and to “dress pretty”. The rise of metrosexual fashion was a very welcome change, as it allowed to drop the rugged, manly look in favor of a certain middle ground which is socially more acceptable than full-tilt TV gear. Lately however a new tendence is appearing, with more and more brands openly catering to the market segment of men in touch with their female side.

Male lingerie has always existed, but it was the province of secretive bespoke tailors. Now Homme mystere and other companies are going public with teddies, g-strings and even bra for men.
The nicest things about this is probably the approach they promote. Rejecting the idea of shame about a harmless preference, they designed a very positive and good-humored campaign centered around the fun – and the normality – of playing with unusual erotic suggestions within your everyday relationships. The below video says it all.