You can’t buy love. Or can you?


Since Lysistrata’s times sociology teaches us that – no matter how aful it is to admit this – the most efficient negotiation leverage a woman can use is sex. But how efficient, precisely? A survey by the aberrant mercenary dating site Mutual arrangements among 18.000 subscribers equally divided between males and females measured in detail this price during the pseudo-romantic Valentine day.

Before talking numbers it is better to stress an important fact: all inteviewees were from a website dedicated to the commercialization of sex. Its male subscribers openly declare to offer material benefits in exchange for company, and female ones to demand “the good life” in exchange of their – ahem – love. Even more to the point, 77% of men admitted to consider Valentine day just a good occasion to get laid, without any sentimental implication. It is conceivable then that the survey might be just slightly biased.

Having said this, the research discovered the following market values for a night of sex on the 14th of February:

  • Single – $257 of dinner and entertainment
  • Married – $203 of presents
  • In a committed relationship – $180 of presents

Which is to say, dear ladies, that the average “price” is about $218. I am leaving all moral considerations to you.