Your Sexual Explorer badge is waiting for you!

Sexual Explorer badge

Wow. We are but in the second week of the year, and so many great things have happened already… with many more in the works!

I can’t wait to be free to tell you all about them, but for the moment the focus is on The Sexual Explorers Manifesto initiative,  asking everyone to spread a series of simple principles regarding our attitude about sexuality in the attempt to make the world a better place. The project is moving along pretty well, and if you want to join it I have something for you!

Just hop to the official Manifesto page – read it if you haven’t yet – and scroll all the way down, where you can find a bunch of pretty badges announcing in several different languages that you are a Sexual Explorer and a very cool person indeed. Download the one you prefer (or create your own using the assets we prepared for you) and publish it on your social network profiles, websites, email signature or anywhere you like. If you feel extraordinarily nice, maybe also link the picture to the Manifesto page for other people to reach it more easily.

That’s it! One simple action will help the idea of a more tolerant, serene and satisfied society to reach more and more people, making everyone happier. Will you do it, please?