Are Sexcereals the real deal?


What food would you most associate with sex? No, it is not chocolate. Much less bananas – are you 12, by chance? And please: just leave this site altogether if you are the kind of person who thought of oysters, mussels or that sort of thing. I don’t want to be associated with you, thanks.
The right answer is ‘corn flakes’ – for two opposite reasons. Starting at the beginning, cereal flakes were invented in early XX century by dr. John Kellogg to destroy libido. In his heavily religion-influenced world view, sex and arousal were the cause of many illnesses, and since stimulating one sense could lead to a dangerous general excitement… he devised the blandest and most depressing (yet nourishing) food he could imagine. Think about it the next time you are having your breakfast.

Fast forward to 2013 and to the unlikely location of a Canadian game show calledDragon’s den, where contestants pitch their business proposals hoping to impress the judges enough to win the funding required to start their dream company. On the stage, Peter Ehrlich describes his outlandish idea of gender-specific breakfast cereals… designed to boost sex drive. They are simply called Sexcereals… and they actually win.
Now the product is in selected North American stores and sold online. Its $10 a pack price tag is as impressive as the ingredients list. The male version contains pollen, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, vitamin C-enriched camu camu berries and maca – all of them supposedly testosterone-enhancing supplements. The female variety has chia seeds, almonds, cacao nibs, ginger and – again – the Peruvian plant maca, a mix that should take care of “hormonal balance” and desire. So the question is: do they work at all?

Decades of scientific studies on this subject agree on a simple truth: there is no such a thing as aphrodisiac foods. Two years ago researchers found that fruit flies are sexually aroused by phenylacetaldehyde, phenylacetic acid and phenylethylamine (the smell of rotting fruit, basically) – but that’s it. No other alimentary turn-on was ever discovered for any animal, humans included.
Of course following a healthy diet does keep your body fit, thus contributing to a more vigorous sex life, but no matter how tasty they are cereals won’t magically fix your libido. What you need for that is lack of stress and worries, rest and a good partner, willing to explore new pleasures with you with a positive, fun attitude. What about trading your morning bowl of flakes with a visit to, to see what inspiring news may have popped up in the night?