(Another) 50 shades of Grey musical

50 shades the musical

Bet you had almost forgot them, hadn’t you? But no: 50 shades of Grey and its two sequels are now forever a part of erotic culture, no matter how low your opinion about them can be. The trilogy can be considered both dangerous and laughable, but it is going to stay with us for a very long time. And we all know what cultural phenomena are for, don’t we? Musicals!
You might remember the first parody musical about the BDSM-ish escapades of Anastasia and Christian, but that was just a funny song. Now however there is an actual 70-minute long show touring the United States, for copyright reasons simply titled 50 shades!… and it doesn’t look half bad either.

As you can see from the two following clips, the budget-strapped musical doesn’t really follow the original story, but has fun with the books themselves and the incredibly intense reactions they got worldwide among prudes and sex-deprived housewives. Double-entendres abound, irony runs high and… who knows: it could be the right antidote to take before the official movies hit the theatres, sometime next year.