But of course you’ve got something to read!


So the Italian summer has definitely hit, with ungodly temperatures that make concentrating on anything different from gelato, cold showers and liquid nitrogen a feat. Most people are on a beach somewhere already, and yet here I am in Milano – working on a bunch of projects as usual, knowing well that the majority of them is going to fizzle out for a reason or another as they are wont to do, but soldiering on nonetheless.

Which, as a side effect, is leaving me very little time (and energy) to write new posts for ayzad.com. Therefore, I guess this is the right time to remind you that the website contains lots of archived articles (780 of them, and many more in the Italian-language area if you are so inclined) and stuff you probably haven’t read yet.
Among them, you especially want to check out the free ebooks section. There you’ll find the previews of my commercial works, but also a number of odds and ends including, for example, the full script of a stage play based on Bettie Page’s life, the full scans of a legendary BDSM fumetto and more. So, what are you doing still here? Go get yourself a culture… and see you in a week!