He that sows the wind… – 50 shades of karma


Get ready for an Inception-like meta-meta-meta news. The cover on the left is from the umpteenth lewd-romantic novel to be published in the colonies: a book born from a 50 shades of Grey fanfiction, which was a book from a Twilight fanfiction, which was (even if nobody says it loud) a book out of a fanfiction of Anne Rice’s vampire novels.

Let’s walk through it again. First you have a vampire saga with very veiled BDSM elements; Then a vampire saga which is all about chastity; Then a somewhat explicit BDSM saga, without vampires. And here come Marci & Devon, who are the usual kinky-flavored characters once again, now with added war between angels and demons. Bonus side dish: a touch of poliamory.

I guess that the next step will be a story about Strawberry Shortcake falling in love with Ratzinger, introducing her to the vice of tripsolagnia. In any case, be warned: the first reviews are saying that Devil’s brand is written even worse than mrs. James’ books.