I’m definitely still here

Ayzad is still here

Hi there. It’s me, Ayzad, and this is just to reassure my English-language readers that no matter what the scarcity of new posts might suggest, everything is under control. Sorta.

Lately I have been fully absorbed by:

  • Writing and launching my new Italian kink manual, I love BDSM
  • Repackaging and launching an old favorite titled How much would you do it for?Italian only again, sorry
  • Setting things up for Codename L, a secret project I hold very dear but which is forcing me to spend lots of time learning the many rules of an industry I didn’t know very much about
  • Consultancy and coaching
  • Recovering the rights to my two first books from a less than ethical publisher
  • Surviving the killer summer climate of Milan, hitting 41C right now (that’s 105.8F for you colonists)

…and working on the English translation of BDSM – A guide for explorers of extreme eroticism! That’s right: it took almost 12 years, but my best selling work is finally coming to the international market. I am taking this effort as an opportunity to make it better and more beautiful than ever, and at 600+ pages it is taking quite a lot of time to get it right… but it’s real and I promise you’ll definitely be hearing about it soon.

So now you know why I’ve been so silent – at least on the English section of the site. Next step: escaping to Apulean beaches for a couple of weeks, and…

Oh, right… start writing the next book.
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