A new edition for Original Sins

Copertina di 'Peccati originali' di Ayzad (II edizione)

If you always wanted to learn Italian but you couldn’t find anything to motivate yourself enough, this is the occasion you were waiting for. My noir novel Peccati originali (Original Sins), describing the reality of Italian BDSM scene, is getting a new digital edition after the original one has been pulled from the stores due to “administrative divergences” with the publisher.
Conversely, if you can think of a hundred better ways to learn my native language and you really don’t want to fork out a meager €3,99 to support my work anyway, I have a better news for you. The English translation of my other books is finally coming: in a matter of months (weeks?) you’ll finally be able to read XXX – The dictionary of unusual sex, with BDSM – A guide for explorers of extreme eroticism following suit.

Oh, and by the way… The regular news posts are coming back soon – stay tuned!