Read, rate and review my works on Goodreads (and a song)


I half remember a time when I was just myself. I had one identity (not the ‘Ayzad’ one, but that’s a minor detail) and my reputation was defined by what I actually did and said – usually on a printed page. Life was simple, back then.

Then came the online social revolution, with its constant rush to keep up with new networks and the need to at the least claim my name. Just like yours, my online persona has now dozens of aspects I am struggling to manage. I have to: I learned so the hard way after a couple of unpleasant episodes of identity theft, and I thought I had become reasonably good at it.

Not so. A few days ago a wise reputation expert tactfully informed me that it was inconceivable I wasn’t on Goodreads as well. It is an enormous community of readers and authors, and as one of the latter I just had to have a page there. So now there is one.
You are very welcome to visit it, rate my books, review them and of course read the online previews and full works – also available on this very site. In fact each one of your votes will get me a little closer to world domination, so go for it!

Finally, for those of you who came here for their daily dose of odd sex news, let me rant by proxy thanks to the newest song by the intelligent and hilarious Garfunkel & Oates, who share my amazement and disgust for the incredibly convoluted ways religious fanatics invent to address something as simple as sex – with a loophole.