Reading 50 shades of Grey will land you into hell. Or so the bloggers say.


As seen from ye olde Italy, home of the Vatican and more churches than you can count, the fire-and-brimstone attitude of American “Christians” is great fun. I have just been informed, in example, of their latest online crusade, with dozens of specialized female bloggers occupying every corner of the Web with their delirious posts. The enemy? None less than 50 shades of Grey, the trilogy of BDSM-tinted romance novels currently conquering the world by storm.
According to Dirty Girls Ministries, whose mission apparently is to free women from porn addiction, «it creates a fantasy world for women to escape into» which sounds like reason enough to burn it along with three quarters of every library. But other literature experts are bringing more elaborate arguments to the table: «anything other than my husband creating arousal… is a sin» because equates to adultery, says Mrs. TrueWoman.

Someone else risks a sociological analysis taking into consideration the possibility of stealing a glance of E.L. James’ pages to know the enemy… but in the end she concludes that «“Curiosity” has led to the downfall of multitudes who have been trapped in the destructive, downward vortex of sexual sin», so it is better to leave it alone all right. As one Lori Crank confirms in her comment: «a few years ago, God asked me to give up all fiction reading. To this day I have had no regrets. I will pass this info on to others that might mention the book!» Right said, Lori.
In fact, the blogs comments are the funniest and worrisome part of the whole drama: hostesses wishing to destroy their passengers’ copies, mothers organizing kristallnachts and piquets outside of bookstores, cute old ladies asking for information about how to hack Amazon to halt the book sales… A disconcerting bestiary, especially in consideration of such banal books. Which, in the meantime, keep selling millions and millions of copies.