And this is how the modern fetish scene started


When I first opened the news section of this website I was skeptic I would find something to publish with any regularity. Almost one year later, it seems I was very wrong. In fact, the folder in which I save the links to the stories to write about is bursting with items I just can’t find the time to do. The launch of Original sins and the upcoming renovation of are stealing every free moment, and no matter how sad it is to see some of those promising news getting stale, there is always something new and more exciting to talk about.
This is the case with the discovery of Dressing for pleasure online. This was a 1977 documentary about the fetish scene in Great Britain – the motherland of modern fetish culture – by John Samson and Mike Wallington. Thanks to the work of John Sutcliffeand Vivienne Westwood, and to the coming out of semisecret clubs like The mackintosh society latex fashion was becoming somewhat mainstream, so the historical importance of this video cannot be understated.

I just love the similitudes and the differences between what’s shown and the current fetish world: the journalistic, clinical notes of the narrator; the confusion between fetish and BDSM; the fashion, of course; the glamour of the catwalk shows marred by the embarrassed, guilty looks of the non-anorexic models…
I trust you will find Dressing for pleasure just as interesting. And, by the way, if you look in my Books resources section, you will find the link to a book with the same title, and just as intriguing.