Everything you need to know about 50 Shades of Grey

50 shades of grey

Here in Ye Olde Italy, yesterday 50 Shades of Grey was broadcasted on television for the first time, to the outraged wails of very vocal pious fellows like child molesting priests, money embezzeling bishops, HIV-positive family men who got infected during their god-fearing escapades with prostitutes of every gender, and scores of sainted mothers who definitely didn’t buy millions of copies of the book. Some way or another, my website was swarmed by new visitors looking for information about the trilogy and BDSM in general.

To make the lives of newcomers easier, I therefore set up this post collecting the information you were looking for – and some more you were not, but which might come handy one day. Clicking on the below links you’ll find:

The review of the first book in the series

The reviews of the second and third ones

And even the review of Grey, the remake as seen by the male protagonist

Then you have:

My free to download micro-guide to the reality of BDSM

An interview with an actual Master/slave couple, showing the differences between fiction and life

An article about the cultural dangers of 50 Shades… for those refusing an actual education to sexuality


And the most complete book about BDSM I could conceive of


If after all of the above you still want more, I invite you to peruse the rest of this website: I promise you won’t regret it!