Save Preaching to the perverted


The “Spanner case” was a controversial 1987 British trial which set a legal precedent still ominously looming on every BDSM-oriented erotic play in Europe. To put it briefly, the police raided the private homes of a group of gay domination enthusiasts was playing, and every level of judgement (including appeals to the European Court of Human Rights) sentenced that «consent is not a valid legal defence for wounding and actual bodily harm». In other words, physical BDSM is technically illegal in the UK – and possibly other European countries. The matter is still debated and largely undefined today, but the immediate uproar against the Spanner case is easily imaginable.
One of the cleverest forms it took was a lighthearted movie titled Preaching to the perverted, directed by twice BAFTA winner Stuart Urban on a project originally developed for the BBC and later dropped for its excessively inflaming contents. The film follows the adventures of a devoutly Catholic computer technician sent by a stiff moralist member of the Parliament to infiltrate the fetish and Scene. Complications arise when the protagonist falls for the sultry and sadistic owner of a club… but that wasn’t really the point of the production.

Preaching to the perverted was in fact an intelligent showcase of the then-mysterious world of the erotic counterculture, for it extensively featured real locations and performers. The tone was light and ironic, making the movie actually suitable for late-night television (except in Ireland, where it was banned) and to build a cult following worldwide.
The technology of the day of course allowed for the movie to be shot on 35 mm film, which is currently degrading and self-destroying as it normally happens with such material. The independent company who created it has launched a Kickstartercampaign to save Preaching to the perverted: clean the original film, restore it, digitize in HD and re-release it on DVD and Bluray with a quality never seen before. There are 17 days left to donate to the project, which is already 80% financed.
If you wish to contribute you can click here. As it is customary for these campaigns, you will receive a thank-you token proportionate to your donation, going from a screen saver to the original props used in the film, dinner with the protagonists and more.