A mini-documentary about fetish


Living in Milano is, among the other things, the best way to fall out of love with fashion and the whole circus surrounding it. An important exception is however represented by the fetish segment, having at least the merit of stimulating senses and passions in an entirely unique way.

But which way, precisely? To explain in writing the sensuality of a latex garment is impossible: you can describe its aesthetic impact, the chemical effects, the anthropological component… but nothing can communicate the other aspects of it. A big part of the fetish world’s mystique lies in the mindset surrounding it, in the rituality of its many small gestures or in the care put in its minutest detail – things that can be experienced only in person.

Thanks to an initiative launched by a fashion videos website and the refined Atsuko Kudo brand, however, this might be the day in which we can also understand something just by being online. In fact, this short documentary managed to capture at least a part of the magic of latex, and it does describe the evolution of fetish fashion pretty well. Enjoy.