Guess what the Italians are thinking of?


Google just published its 2012 Zeitgeist, which summarizes the world’s trends deducting them from each country’s online searches. Talking about Italy, I found fascinating not only finding as expected the infesting50 shades of Harlequin saga in the top positions of the Books section… but mostly the trends revealed by the queries about ‘How to’.

The first preoccupation of the Italians appears to be – quite predicatably – learning «how to have sex». On the other hand, the second promptly skids into paraphilic territory with «how to do an Enema». Yep, that’s a capital.

To put things into perspective: in Singapore the doubts are about «how to harmonize» or rap, in the United States (and Nigeria) the number one search is «how to love»; «how to kiss» is first place in Denmark – and second in France and Ireland. Australians are more performance-minded asking «how to do kegels», which are pelvic exercises… but here in Pizzaland we go straight for the goal. Tell us how to fuck, now!
It feels then pretty legitimate to suspect that such an interest for enemas wasn’t caused by a sudden constipation epidemic, but by their slightly more perverse other use.

The idea of filling the intestine with water to experience the feelings of a “total and very deep” penetration is as old as the world. In king Louis XIV’s times this passion had even became a widespread mania, made immortal by the infamous “giant syringes” of the medics in Molière’s comedies. Even if an abundance of literature was always produced about the practice of erotic enemas, it is just quite recently that the hypocrisy of defining it a necessary medical procedure has disappeared – also because of more pleasant modern alternative treatments.
Excluding the rare instances in which enemas are still used for their original purposes, they have thus been relegated to the field of sex: to prepare for anal intercourse, or as an independent game – especially within clinical-style BDSM.

If you are wrinkling your nose, however, you should know it could have gone much worse than this. According to Google, the most searched-for instructions in Kenya in 2012 were «how to abort».