Fun fact: anyone running a website can easily see which keyword searches took people to his blog, and the results of ten years of online presence confirmed me what I already knew from the questions I was asked live. BDSM, bondage and other unusual erotic acts may be fashionable, but there is one incredibly frequent fantasy which is so taboo that even most people into extreme sexualities won’t admit to harbor.
That would be scat, short for ‘scatophilia’ or sexually playing with faeces – even eating them, especially in a domination scenario. The cultural, medical and psychological aspects of this are in fact a much more interesting subject than you’d think, but what concerns us now are two simple facts: there is an ungodly percentage of people attracted by this practice, and only very few of them actually do it. Which is what brings us to the Japanese manga shop in the picture above.

See the red circle amidst the pile of adult comics? That’s toilet paper. What separates it from the kind you have in your home is however its special print, allowing every aspiring überkinkster to imagine having a personal toiletslave waiting to humbly clean them up. If I hadn’t see the statistics, I’d file it under ‘general weirdness’ – but now I wouldn’t be too surprised if it became a huge hit.

scat manga toilet paper scat manga toilet paper scat manga toilet paper