The intimate lives of puppets

Characters from Felt on Logo TV

Is “not getting” television shows a sign of old age? Because if that is the case, I suppose I am ancient. You see, in my times the muppets were the most innocent (well, almost…) television characters you could have. Now Logo TV has debuted Felt – and my inner child is permanently huddled up in a corner, rocking forever.
Having said this, Felt sure is an original concept. It is a talk show about sex – but in order to have people open up before the camera… they are putting puppets in place of the guests. With this classic psychologist’s trick, people feel free to let the puppets say what their human identity would never openly express.

The results are undoubtably sincere. Thus the viewers can hear what other peoplereally think of their sex lives, and possibly recognize some of their own issues.
What disturbs me somewhat is the mixing of childhood imagery and adult themes, as the show is also available online and I believe it could be mistakenly watched by kids too young to deal with the intricacies of sexual problems. Or I could just be an old worrywart: after all, you never know what puppets are capable of