Website 2.0 is online!


If you are seeing this, it means that the upgrade to the 2.0 version of ayzad.comactually worked. The new website may not look terribly different from the former one, but it does introduce several features. First and foremost, the layout is now optimized for mobile devices so you can read the news and ogle the pictures from the privacy of your phones and pads. There is a better Search function (and a worse Links area under the Resources menu, but we’re working on it), and the Newsletter feature is finally on. You can subscribe to a weekly email news service from the homepage – and while you are there, enjoy the new Unusual sexology column, showing different odd scientific facts every time you reload the page. For technologically savvy readers the RSS feeds have been corrected also.

On the downside, if you opened an account on in the last few days you might have to re-register, and you’ll have to re-subscribe to the newsletter if you did in the past – sorry! Unfortunately, if you had commented any news you’ll also find your words gone, along with the Likes and Shares on the various social networks. Such is the sad curse of website upgrades, but I promise this will not happen again… so go on, dive in and comment the hell out of the 350-plus news on the website!
You are welcome to write me should you see any inconsistency/bug/other horror while browsing the site. We’ll be working on the finishing touches in the next few days, so everything should be back to normal pretty soon.
On the other hand, if you do like the new site you can write to the webmaster, Nicola D’Antrassi of Pixel e mandolino. If he survived my requests for this upgrade, I’m sure he can create a great website for you too.