Singing about breathplay

Frame from Papi Pacify video

Tahlilah Barnett from rural Gloucestershire, better known as FKA Twigs, is often described as an extraordinary quiet and reclusive girl. She mostly gets out on weekends, but only because she works as a bartender «to afford extra things», and her most savage hobby is classical ballet training.
She is also considered the future voice of soul and r&b, or «the colored heir to Björk», but that’s beside the point of mentioning her on In fact, I was intrigued by the decidedly kink-friendly titles of her songs (Water me, Weak spot, Ache…) and by the fetish-y looking video for her How’s that. Then I hit on an even more peculiar song.

Papi pacify is an elegant and sexy piece whose lyrics are open to interpretation – until you watch the video. Now, maybe I have a twisted mind… But it looks a lot like the first song I’ve ever found about breathplay.
You possibly know my stance about erotic breath control: it is just too dangerous to be considered by any sane person. The grumpy part of me wanted to rant about how careless kids could get hurt emulating this sort of games; the sensible one thinks that natural selection has a purpose after all, and I could share my discovery after all. You can find the official video below. Choke on it.