Tafephilia again – The international casket babes fight is on

caskets calendar

It was just a few days ago I wrote about tafephilia, the premature burial fetish. Call it synchronicity, but the erotic weirdness has escalated quickly.
If you lived in Italy like me, you’d probably be aware of Cofani funebri, the fictitious caskets manufacturing company created by goth photographer Maurizio Matteucci to promote his darkly humorous glamour calendars. The company’s bare-bones website is a triumph of nonsensical PR rants coupled with pictures of lingerie-clad models “building” coffins, but the pièce de resistance are the glossy calendars that, for the past decade, joined saucy girls and caskets in a demented parody of real sexy adverts. Most local media, by the way, don’t bother to notice that the “company” doesn’t have a street address or any actual catalog, so every year the news are full of scandalized articles about the lows reached by marketing campaigns.

What I didn’t know until this morning was that a real coffin maker in Poland had been printing actual promotional “babes and caskets” calendars since 2010. In fact, their production even features a different theme each year – ‘back to nature’ for 2014 – and shows a growing quality as the years go by.
I doubt they’ll ever reach the cult status of classic competitors like the Pirelli calendars, but as far as tafephiliacly inclined interests go, it would be fascinating to see which of the two publications has the most fans. This, however, is the backstage video of the Polish one.