The unusual erotic news you missed this month (Part 1)


Er… Hello, there? It’s me, Ayzad, peeking out of the secret lab where I’ve been working extra-hard on several great new projects for the last couple of months. As a matter of fact, it looks like I am not done yet and updates will be pretty spotty for a little while more – but this doesn’t mean I haven’t been following the news.

In fact, I kept tweeting stuff (the handle you want to follow is simply @ayzad) about the latest in kink. Here is a selection of the most interesting events and links you have been missing lately:

  • While the discourse about ethical porn is peaking, some performers point out that actually paying them for their work would be ethical too.
  • The 50 Shades of Grey movie is approaching, and studios are churning out much more interesting films about BDSM. The duke of Burgundy is about a lesbian dominant/submissive relationship, while Bound is a weird production by the Sharknado guys featuring a Buffy actress.
  • Talking about the probably-dreadful movie, the director stated that it won’t feature the WTF-ish “tampon scene” from the book. So someone recreated it in machinima to point out how absurd it is. Meanwhile Jamie Donner, Mr. Grey himself, made a major pas faux blurting out that he visited a sex dungeon “for research” and he felt disgusted and unclean – the fans didn’t take it well.
  • More weird 50 Shades side effects: the heirs of the Marquis de Sade himself, who strongly disowned him for centuries, thought it better to reclaim the family title (and cash in on the kink fad).
  • The market for sex toys had its all-time record earnings in 2014.
  • The official 2014 report on “foreign bodies” removed from the nether regions of ER patients in the USA reveals very weird statistics. Could somebody please explain me the “1 battery + 3 coins” part?
  • In Japan, the crackdown on porn caused a worrying increase in the number of single females poors, as it is now more difficult for girls to perform in dirty movies as a side job.
  • Washington commuters are creeped out by some guys shooting “meta-porn” videos on subways. Authorities cannot do anything about it because… well, because it’s so meta it ain’t porn.
  • HIV might have become slightly less deadly – but it’s way to early to celebrate.
  • Multiple laboratory tests have conclusively proven that squirting is simply involuntary urine incontinence during orgasm.
  • After the three-breasted woman of 2014, a guy is making lots of money by claiming he’s got two working penises. Pity his story is unverified, medically implausible and clearly photoshopped.
  • Tough times for high society pedophiles: Anonymous announced a campaign to expose the government creeps circle responsible for the rape and deaths of many children. Also, some flight logs came up proving the presence of Bill Clinton and other VIPs on Epstein’s private jet. The billionaire was found guilty of using a child prostitution ring – and yes, the girls were on those flights too.
  • Chinese police cracked down hard on a breastfeeding prostitution ring. Yup, it looks like there are such things.
  • Doctor Elizabeth Pisani appeared in a wonderful TEDtalk about the irrationality behind anti-HIV campaigns, their causes and the possible solutions.
  • Turns out that legendary fetish artist Gene Bilbrew had a hit in the Forties as a musician, and you can hear it here.
  • A Japanese sex toys catalog from the 1930s showed they always were pretty weird over there.
  • Corporate sponsorship for brothels is a thing – and it really works during high-tech exhibitions.
  • Russia banned every “mentally-ill person” from driving. Since the definition is very loosely based on a simple medical classification, this means you risk being jailed for owning a sex toy or enjoying BDSM at home.
  • Legendary jewelers Tiffany & Co. launched a campaign featuring a gay male couple. Italian politicians were quick to condemn it as “anti-Italian” – whatever it means.
  • A Japanese teacher had a fight with a female student he had an affair with. She retaliated by throwing his clothes away and leaving him naked right on the main school court for everyone to shame him. Life imitates hentai, indeed.
  • A “Christian” funeral home in the USA forced the bride and children of a dead person to find a quick alternative when they learned the corpse belonged to a gay woman and they kicked everyone out – conveniently forgetting to refund the family while they were at it.
  • Zettai ryouiki (thigh-high socks fetish) got an upgrade to komorebi ryouiki, featuring flashing skirts.
  • A survery revealed that Utah is where most incest porn is consumed – especially during the holidays.

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