Unusual sex debuts on TV


It is said that up close nobody is normal. This especially applies when it comes to sex: there are of course common and… less common activities, but it really boils down to context, cultural influences and inhibition levels. Today in our bedrooms most of us perform acts which would have been inconceivable just a couple of generations ago, and you can bet that things will keep changing and evolving as fast as they did in the last several centuries. Truth to be told, however, there are some aspects of sex which are just plain weird – and pretty interesting to know.

This is what the producers of Discovery’s Strange Sex have thought too, hence the new program debuting today on Discovery Fit & Health. The series is going to explore many unusual facets of the greatest pastime on Earth, interviewing for the first time some pretty interesting characters.
Like Trent, in the photo. He is the father of seventeen children… and a virgin. Don’t go crying miracle now: this is just science, and more specifically the wonder of sperm donation. You can consider it a subject for rude jokes, or you can think of its social and ethical implications, like the show promises to do. Yes, there is culture even in the woman with the largest boobs in the world or the man with the hugest penis. I know I’ll be watching. The show, I mean. Come on…