A word a month – Rapex

Sonette Ehlers and Rapex

Sonette Ehlers

From the dictionary of unusual sex:

Rapex – What can we do with those who got a little too much excited by reading the previous entry (rape – editor’s note)? But that’s obvious: you wear Rapex™ and aspiring rapists will change their mind in less than no time. This item, invented by the South-African ms. Sonette Ehlers, looks like a rigid condom and is worn quite like an internal tampon. Its peculiarity are the many internal hooks, which tear the penis of any possible rapist and stay dug in, giving a new meaning to the concept of “personal safety”. But why mention it in this dictionary? Simple: that’s because this dreadful device begat a whole porn genre, in which evil viragos first make ill-use of the Rapex, then are extensively described while performing the cruel surgical procedures needed to remove it, followed by the reprisals by female (and >sadistic, of course…) doctors and nurses, and so on.

(the symbol “>” indicates a cross-reference to another entry in the dictionary)

This was one of the over 1.500 entries from Ayzad’s book XXX – Il dizionario del sesso insolito, which unfortunately is not available in English yet. If you can read Italian, you can buy it here.