The next generation of high-tech vibrators is here

Nalone sex toys

The evolution of sex toys has always heavily depended on science. Archeologists recovered paleolithic dildos (“votive items”, sure…) which had been carved in stone before the wheel was invented. Erotic vibrators were among the first applications of steam power and electricity, just like rubber and plastics were immediately adopted to manufacture those hideous “realistic” cocks which populated adult shops until the last decade of the past century.
The next generation of designer sex toys made them more pleasant to the eye but also to other body parts thanks to the continuing adoption of the latest technological breakthroughs, such as wireless inclinometric control and teledildonics. There are even people working on mind-controlled toys, for crying out loud! Back on a slightly less deranged scale, however, it looks like a new company called Nalone hit paydirt with no less than three high-tech vibrators lines.

The first entry in their badly translated Chinese website comprises two different sound-controlled vibrators. This is nothing new in itself, as novelty iPod-attached toys have been around for a while now. The innovation lies in the slick self-contained design eliminating wires or other annoyances, and in the extreme sensitivity of the sensor: it will pick up the sound of your heels walking – not to mention moans and pleasure screams – converting the volume of each noise into a vibration of similar intensity.
The second line uses touch sensors to program customized vibration patterns and, most of all, to control the toy’s behavior. In other words, these two items will react to how you stroke, poke and tickle them.
Last but not least, a metallic lineup incorporates tiny electrostimulators which can be set to go off in various patterns, forcing your muscles to tense and pulse in rhythm. Just like with a very private relaxcisor, these contractions are said to do wonders for your orgasms… without even trying.
The Nalone brand is quickly reaching most western countries, so expect to see these toys pretty soon – and quite often in the future.