So this is what a sex toy 3.0 looks like…


The sex industry has always been a great innovator. Instant photography, VHS videotapes, camcorders, e-commerce and webcams are just the first few names that spring to mind when thinking about advanced technologies which success was largely driven by their erotic use. While it is excellent at repurposing technology, however, it looks like it never managed to actually create any really original one. Take teledildonics, which is supposed to be the science of computer-controlled orgasms: it’s been around for over twenty years now, yet it never produced anything even remotely working outside of a seedy laboratory.

This might change starting next month, when a Spanish company will introduce a line of products called Klic-Klic, described as ‘the first sex toy 3.0’. What it really means is that the two items (one for females, the other for male anatomies) can wirelessly communicate – even via the Internet – to transfer the information from the three sensors of one of them to the three actuators of the other, and vice-versa. In other words, you should be able to feel the thrusting or squeezing of your partner even if you are in different towns. Cybersex is going to become even more awkward.

Developing Klic-Klic required two years of research and a €300,000 investment. The price falls in the “designer toys” area, and I can’t wait to read the first reviews after the official launch at the upcoming Barcelona Erotic Fair. In the meantime, enjoy the official tutorial video below.