The super-sex toy for men

pulse by hot octopuss

To be a man in the world of sex can feel like getting shortchanged sometimes. Sure, generally speaking everything is built to fulfill mostly male fantasies… but there are areas where women get all the fun. Take sex toys, in example. Unless you are a fan of anal insertions or BDSM, how many items designed for male use can you find out there? We are talking single-digit figures here, whereas girls can choose between literally hundreds of different toys – some of them capable of really interesting stimulations.
Adam Lewis, the founder of the Hot Octopuss high-end sex toys brand, probably was thinking the same when he stumbled on the most efficient male stimulator ever… in the unlikeliest of places. ‘Penile vibratory stimulation’, or PVS for short, is a technology used in reproductive medicine to allow men with spinal cord injuries to ejaculate for in-vitro fertilization even though they are unresponsive from the waist down. It is a much friendlier method than the competition: electroejaculators, which are basically the same electrodes that breeders jam up their animals’ asses to zap them into releasing sperm.

PVS is simply a quite powerful and very focused vibrator that oscillates under the glans at a specific frequency, triggering an automatic orgasm. A very intense one, in fact. What Lewis and his business partner Julia did was to repurpose this technology and fit it in a sleek toy called Pulse, which has the added benefit of adding an external secondary vibrating surface.
The result is what is described as a unique male sex toy… which can be used as a vibrator for females too, and together by the couple. Besides some kinky exploration of new sensations, the Pulse allows for a mutually satisfying intercourse even in case of erectile dysfunction.