A word a month – Entomocism


From the dictionary of unusual sex:

Entomocism – Using insects for erotic purposes. The most frequent forms are: letting large animals (i.e. beetles) walk over the genitals to be stimulated by their legs; having one’s erogenous zones stung to get them sensitized (see melissophilia); tying winged insects to one’s nipples or erotic piercings to enjoy their pull. After all, it looks like bees were the first >vibrator in history. The chronicles tell us that among her toys Cleopatra had a box which was filled with these animals, shook a little and laid on the genitals: their frenzy created enough movements to avoid getting bored on the banks of the Nile.

(the symbol “>” indicates a cross-reference to another entry in the dictionary) This was one of the over 1.500 entries from Ayzad’s book XXX – Il dizionario del sesso insolito, which unfortunately is not available in English yet. If you can read Italian, you can buy it here.