A word a month – Atomage


From the dictionary of unusual sex:

Atomage – A brand originally created by John >Sutcliffe for his small London atelier specializing in the creation of proto-fetish leather motorbike gear (especially for females). Later it became the title of the first magazine to define and divulge contemporary >fetish culture. Unfortunately for him, his inspiration came when he was left by his wife, who couldn’t accept his peculiar erotic tastes. In 1972 this drove him to create a magazine presenting fetish in a positive and female-friendly way, to help other couples not to run into his same misfortune. Atomage closed in 1983, in a world full of specialized boutiques, fetish parties and stiletto heels.

(the symbol “>” indicates a cross-reference to another entry in the dictionary)

This was one of the over 1.500 entries from Ayzad’s book XXX – Il dizionario del sesso insolito, which unfortunately is not available in English yet. If you can read Italian, you can buy it here.