Latex, the final frontier

mass effect latex

I still remember the first rubber fetish video I saw, way back when dinosaurs roamed the neighborhood. It was a grainy VHS tape of… scuba divers. Divers wearing and getting out of thick neoprene suits, shot by some weird peeping tom who edited the scenes in a creepy montage set to very bad, porny jazz music. The scenes were occasionally separated by cuts from a somewhat different nature, in which a perplexed girl suited up in a hotel room, clearly following off-camera directions. There were lots of shaky close-ups of zippers closing and hands caressing the Cressi-branded underwater gear, then more unsuspecting divers doing their business on cold looking piers. I scratched my innocent young head, and moved on to another tape.
Fetishwear evolved quickly in the following years, keeping pace with the technological developments in the polymers world. Latex became shinier and thinner with every season, sporting better fitting designs and more colors. Fetish dresses and items even underwent a steady price decrease from their initially outrageous costs, until most clubs filled up with people seemingly out of superhero comics.

While “normal” latexwear has almost become commonplace, however, progress marched on with very cool innovations that are being embraced by the edgiest fetish couturiers. If you really wish to stand out at your next party you can seek out mixed material garments where latex is married to lace, in example, or printed rubber that makes single-color outfits so Twentieth-century passé. Some designers use micro-sculpted latex with a reptilian scaly look, or UV-reactive inserts glowing bright on the dancefloor just like something out of Tron.
Speaking about fiction, another sign of the times is that geeky perverts don’t have to squint anymore to imagine a diving suit is the space uniform of their wet dreams. In fact, brands like Anatomic latex wisely choose to forego any appearance and to explicitly cater for videogame and comicbook fans, as these photos from their Mass effect collection confirm. Old school fetishists may frown upon this, yet you can’t deny they did the right thing businesswise: they have received so many requests that no more orders will be accepted until they work through the backlog, and it may take a very long time…

mass effect latex mass effect latex