Inflatable pool toy rape etiquette reminder

inflatables fetish

My faithful readers should know by now that people can be sexually attracted to the most diverse things, from bridges to hedges – so inflatable toys fetishists should be a common fact of life for you. In fact, you might remember that the erotic passion for balloons and the such  is sufficiently widespread to have inspired high-end designer contraptions and even a twisted form of political activism. Entertaining an original proclivity, however, doesn’t exempt anybody from good manners.
Take Mr. Edwin Tobergta, for example. When he got out of his home completely nude to rape a pink inflatable pool raft, he was considerate enough to do his business in a secluded alley behind the house instead of on the front lawn. It was commendably sensitive of him. On the other hand, it would have been so much more gracious to abuse his own raft and not his neighbor’s. The man was tried last month for public indecency and a slew of other misdemeanors, with the aggravation of having tried to elope with his victim. I don’t know how the trial ended, but it is said that the neighbor didn’t reclaim the inflatable.

By the way, the man in the below video is not Tobergta.