Which came first, the egg or the fetish?

inflatable latex alien egg

Rubber and latex fetishists often are at a loss when they are asked to explain their passion. It has something to do with the shiny look, with the feeling of a second skin that both covers and exposes at the same time, with the smell of rubber and the way it enhances pherormones reception, with the slightly constraining tightness which makes them mindful of every breath and movement… Well, as the saying goes, «you will never get it unless you experience it».
One thing is for sure: part of the appeal of latex clothes, which usually are much thinner than a millimeter, comes from the unique sense of isolation that they provide from normality – especially the full body catsuits and hoods favored by most enthusiasts.

The kink industry constantly debuts new toys and devices catering for this particular side of rubber fetishism. During the years I have witnessed dozens of claustrophobic masks, inflatable hoods, vacuum beds and all sorts of restraints – yet the alien eggsurprised me.
This… thing is a sort of giant latex flower whose inflatable petals can close around a person, swallowing him or her in a completely rubber dimension. While the zippers can be opened (with some effort) from the inside too in case of panic, the isolation is so thorough that the only way to breathe once you are in is through a – rubber, of course – gasmask connected to a tube reaching outside. Those who tried the experience report «an otherworldly feeling»; observers are usually rather unsettled by a Giger-like extraterrestrial egg breathing heavily in their living room; everyone reacts quite badly to the $2,100 price tag.