Hunting the bicycle rapist

bike smut

Vehicles come up worringly often in the study of paraphilias. Siderodromophilia, in example, is the inordinate attraction for having sex on or around trains, and many people admit to have sexual encounters with cars. No, not in cars, but with: some of them just go public with it, while the more unlucky ones get caught on CCTV cameras and straight to YouTube. Then there are, of course, the bicycle pornographers of Bike smut, a good-natured but exceedingly weird world-touring festival. Who am I to question these preferences, after all?
Per Edström, however, was understandably irritated by the inclinations of a mistery man from his hometown of Östersund, in Sweden. For months, you see, a stranger had repeatedly raped his girlfriend’s bike. The couple woke up finding the tires slashed and unmistakable traces all over the bicycle – so they set up a surveillance camera.

The resulting footage was promptly taken to the authorities and ended up on the dailyKvällsposten newspaper website. Now the whole town is trying to identify the culprit from the blurry video, and the attacks seem to have stopped.
The offender is most probably a recently released man who was already indicted in 2007 for the same crime against twenty other bikes. Edström took the news in stride. «My girlfriend is a little concerned he might stalk her and because the paper he is holding in the video could be her photo» he said, «but I am not scared of him. I am mostly annoyed by all the punctures I have to fix».