Vore toys for the edible paraphiliacs

Vore throat sex toy

The thing in the picture is the back of what’s probably the weirdest sex toy I have ever witnessed – and I have seen a few, believe me. Lovingly manufactured by “Snaz” of Dragomaw,  this is a 9 inches, 8 pounds, platinum-cured silicone throat – and if you are thinking it sounds quite a tad larger than your regular you are perfectly right. In fact, artificial vaginas are usually not supplied with a dangling uvula either. That’s because this item is supposed to be used in a somewhat different way.
This throat was conceived for vores, or eating fetishists. And no, it doesn’t mean they like to eat: on the contrary, these uncommon people get their sexual thrills from the idea of being the meal themselves. Also, it has (generally) nothing to do with true cannibalism. Vores usually fantasize to be eaten pretty comfortably: the chewing, digesting and expulsion parts of their stories are almost always a rather sexy and pleasant experience.

Now, please don’t try to wrap your mind around the concept: it’s one of those things you get at once, or never. With a little effort, however, you can understand how being a vore (from the same root of ‘omnivore’, ‘carnivore’, etc.) can be terribly frustrating. Fan fictions are everywhere on the Web, but finding the giant creature of your dreams to be actually swallowed is a rather desperate endeavor – especially if, as it often happens, the fantasy involves a dragon, a troll, an alien beast or other hard-to-meet species.
Dragomaw’s bespoke toys, however, solve the problem by letting the customer choose the color and the shape of the eating orifice (which is the reason I can’t show you the front of the sample). You can ask, in example, for a purple vagina-like entrance, or an orca-correct throat – that apparently looks like a puckering star, or possibly an asshole. The throats come with a hidden pump used to coat the inside with dripping saliva. The current market value for 16 oz. of artificial spit is $25. If you are looking for the full “real” effect, you can also add the optional giant tongue: there is a basic version and a split one, for those into reptiles.

The best feature of this toy, however, is its carefully designed interior. The realistically ridged palate is in fact shaped with just enough slack not to suffocate you… What? You didn’t realize that these things are for your head? I guess you haven’t read enough of this website, then…
If you are particularly attracted by the vore world, though, the official commercial for the throat will be a real eye-opener.